Creating a Positive Image With Business Cards

Business cards are often overlooked when it comes to creating a positive image for a business. This is common because many business owners have many important things to take care of. This is especially true for a new business. Also, business cards are often neglected because they are perceived as tiny and unimportant items.

So, are business cards really that important to warrant any attention from the business owners themselves? Let’s take at look at how business cards are used in the lives of busy business professionals.

Business cards are used whenever there is any intention to keep in contact with another person for business reasons. So we see business cards being handed out at business meetings, trade shows, career fairs, and so on. Usually, the exchange of business cards takes place between two strangers.

In other words, both parties know very little about each other. They have never done business with each other before, and the ways they will get to know more about the other party is through the hand shake and the business card. This is where the business card plays a very important role.

At that moment, the business card represents everything about the other person. It shares important information about the position of the person (Director, Sales Director, Marketing Executive) and lets everyone else know what he or she does for a living. Every bit of information that is shared through the business cards allow potential business partners (or customers) to form first impressions.

First impressions are very important because most people will decide whether to go ahead and continue fostering a business relationship simply based on the very first impression. So if your business cards give out the wrong signals, all chances of developing the relationship will be destroyed. In this aspect, you can imagine thousands or maybe even millions of pounds being lost due to undesirable first impressions.

To leave a favorable first impression, all you have to do is to pay more attention to the process of creating business cards. The process of designing and printing business cards goes something like this.

First, brain storming sessions may be held so as to harvest as many ideas as possible. After that, a few designs may be created as prototypes. If you like, you can send out sample copies to business associates to ask for their opinions. Decide on the best version, and then send out the design to your printer.

Because of the importance of business cards, it is wise to pick a business card printer that you can trust. That means picking a service provider with lots of experience in printing.

Professional business cards printers will be able to give you proper advice on the technical aspects of business card printing. For example, if details of the logo may be lost due to poor image source quality, they will notify you. Such strict quality control measures are necessary to ensure that business cards turn out exactly the way you want them to.

With high quality business cards, you never have to worry about creating the wrong first impression again.

By: Gen Wright

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