Free Government Business Loans

For plenty of good reason, you can obtain free government business loans. Whether it is to start your new business or help finance the growth of your current business government grant money can be made available to you.

Government business loans are offered at both the municipal and state levels, and there are hundreds of programs to choose from. Some are broad in nature, where others are more specific to your purpose. For example, you may be able to secure $50,000 to help finance commercial real estate, or you could receive a grant because you are building a business that focuses on experimenting with green technology. Whatever the purpose and direction you want to take your business, there is likely multiple grant programs suitable for you.

If you’re wondering how it could be possible that the government is giving away money, just look at the bailout program. Our economy has a vested interest in the success of businesses, and small businesses are what fuel the nations growth. Your business creates jobs, increases competition, which all puts money back into the economy.

With the amount of risk that entrepreneurs already have to take by starting their new business, and the financial pressures to meet payroll, purchase franchise licenses, and purchase furniture, there are many challenges a business owner faces. It is the government’s responsibility and best interest to make it possible for small businesses to develop and grow. One way the state, local and municipal government can make it easier for people to take a chance and want to start a business is to help out financially, which is where the government business loans come in.

Since you never have to repay government business loans, they should be a serious option when considering your financial options.

By: Austin Warty

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To search the $30 billion in government business loans that are available for your business, simply accesses the government grant database by going to


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