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For many computer repair business owners, pricing their services can be a tricky endeavor.  You have to consider pricing very carefully if you have your own business, or you risk not being taken seriously because your rates are too low.  Or perhaps you’re attracting price-sensitive clients looking for rock-bottom prices on commodity-type products and not real value-added services.

When it comes to setting pricing, the time for action is now.  If your back is up against the wall because your business cannot make a profit or worse yet, is unable to make ends meet, you more than likely procrastinated too long. When you don’t figure out pricing early on in the life of your business, you may also be seen as wishy-washy when you change your prices too frequently.

So If you want to have a successful as the owner of a computer repair business, make sure you price right the first time around so you can make a profit.  The following 4 pieces of advice can help you price wisely so you can make a profit.

Consider Your Pricing Strategy Before Start-Up.  Your pricing strategy should not be an afterthought, nor should it be taken lightly.  It is not something you can easily change later on, so making sure you have the correct pricing is absolutely critical even before you open the doors to your business. Your Pricing Should Be Something That Your Clients Can Count On.  Part of building a strong computer repairs business is building trust with your customers and clients and showing them that you will be there to solve their problems and respond to their needs.  If you change your mind on your hourly billing rates or how you are charging, your customers and clients are likely to resist and your credibility could be threatened.  If your prices change too much, you may lose valued customers and clients altogether. The Economy is Important to Pricing.  In a good economy, annual increases of five to fifteen percent are about as much as you can pass through without being seen as going overboard.  If you really make a mistake on pricing when you start your computer repairs business and find you need to pass along more than a $20 – $25 per hour increase to stay alive, you will probably be better off just replacing your customers and clients and starting from scratch.  Why?  Unless you’re exceptionally lucky, even your most loyal customers and clients will strongly resist a large hourly rate increase that seems out of left field. Understand the Cost of New Client Acquisition.  If your pricing absolutely must be changed in order to remain profitable, you will have to find new clients.  Don’t underestimate this great task.  New clients for your computer repairs business will have to be brought on board under the new pricing strategy … but at what cost?  Rather than incurring unnecessary costs, begin with the correct pricing strategy so you can pass along minor increases the same way any other type of business does. In this article, we talked about 4 simple but crucial pricing tips.  Learn more about how you can get great, steady, high-paying clients now at

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