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Setting up a business is a huge responsibility on the shoulders of the entrepreneur. When starting a new business, there are many important decisions to make and many rules and procedures that must be addressed. It is a huge responsibility to start a new business. It involves high risk to start a new business. A black business owner is ready to take on the responsibility head-on and work patiently and dedicatedly to start a new business and take it to great heights.

It is the initial stage of setting up the black business that needs extra care. The black entrepreneurs are very conscious about their businesses and they put in their efforts into it. Setting up a new business requires experience and the black people are experienced enough to handle various situations with care.

Businesses are predominant in capitalist economies, most being privately owned and formed in order to earn profit that will increase the wealth of its owners and grow the business itself. This will increase their profits and they will gain popularity. The black business owned by black people is gaining popularity in many cities of the United States.

The black people who own the black business are very determined and conscious about their businesses. They have the strong will of putting their 100 percent effort in the business so that it nourishes well and thrives against all shortcomings. This way they grow their black business and gain popularity.

To build a successful enterprise, it is very much important for the black entrepreneurs to enjoy their black business. The black entrepreneurs have a slight edge because they are the owners of their business which is actually their passion. This way they are motivated to work even more as they are doing the work which they like. With the monotony of forceful involvement in a field that means a little or nothing to you removed, you are bound to flourish doing what you enjoy the most.

Before actually starting their black business, they must write a guide in which they have the written down the plans of starting and running their business successfully. This plan will encourage loans, promote growth, and provide a map for the black business owners or for the black entrepreneurs to follow. They would not feel lost and they would have their ideas at any point of time.

It is very encouraging to see the black business growing at a robust rate. Viewing this fact, one can say that the black business owners are the people who are growing their black business at a very faster rate thus becoming the firms that are among the fastest growing segments of the US economy.

By: Ankur

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Black Business – African American Business.
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Business Landline System – Affordable solution for a business

If you are running a business then an effectual and clear communication is vital for a successful business. Hence, selecting a right business landline is very important which sets up the communication among you and your business clients, staff and vendors directly. It has been proved that for the success of business whether it is of large, small and medium scale of enterprise, these systems plays great role and proved to be economical and valuable. Some companies consider the system to be complex but cannot ignore the convenience provided by it. Now, there are various service providers in the market that they are providing reasonable business phone answering machine.

Benefits of having a reliable answering service

It is simple to handle calls from anywhere and though you are out of from your office. With the help of business landline answering machine you can reduce your phone bills and only you have to pay reasonable monthly bill. Now, no need to spend hours in attending phone calls and you can focus on your business.

Well-organized Call managing Service 24/7

With an answering system your works get much easier and with no delay all incoming calls are answered by call answering machines. If nobody is there to attend phone calls then all incoming calls are attendant by auto responders with a professional way. Your call can be directed to your numbers directly if you are not in the office or you are somewhere else. There are many features you will get with answering machines and these are like: Call conferencing, Dial by name, Fax, Dial by extension etc.

The business landline systems are available in market in a wide range and you can choose the best plan at affordable rate for you. With its easy to use and quick responding features, you will have great benefit in your business.

You will get the features like:

Caller Id Call forwarding Auto attendant Recording of the calls Conference calls Multiple line capability Auto attendant Speaker phones Voice mail facility


To choose the best business landline you can browse internet and there you will get large information and you can compare features among many service providers. You can also have agents number who can guide you for selecting the right system.

Nowadays market is flooded with large collection of business answering machines and many providers are providing great discounts on their products. So, availing right answering machine for your business is not a big deal now. Only you have to choose the best suitable plan for you according to your business need.

We all know that voice plays a vital role for a successful business and whether it is easy PABX connectivity or a customized voice solution, you will get the best technology. At a very reasonable rate you will have a good automatic call responding machine and you can spend your valuable time for your business. Every successful business is having answering machine so consumers don’t get irritate of calling again and again.


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Your Business Plan, Your Business Blueprint

What is a Business Plan?

You can pretty much define a business plan as a resume for your business idea in mind. Some may say it’s like your company’s calling card. When you need money to start your business, or when you need an office space, your business plan is what will do most of the talking to convince your investors / lenders or property managers to believe in your business and give you what you need.

Why is it important to have a Business Plan?

The time that you spend on writing a solid business plan will pay for itself in corporate strategic and tactical clarity as your business grows. A solid business plan: (not in particular order)

Allows you to describe your vision / concept in writing, helping your potential investors to understand and believe in you; it serves as a basis for discussion with third parties such as shareholders, agencies, banks, investors…etc. Allows you to identify the structure of your business, giving you the chance to focus on the big picture. Your business plan is the “framework” which your business must operate within. A solid business plan provides a considered and logical framework within which a business can develop and grow with business strategies in the long run (not for just short-term growth). Determines the startup and managing costs. Clearly defines your target audience and provides detailed research on your target market. Identifies potential opportunities and obstacles that the business may encounter down the road. Identifies the strengths and weaknesses of your business and your competitors.

No businesses are the same, and no business plans are the same. Your business plan is like your business blueprint; it should be unique. While it is important to be able to illustrate your business concept well enough for others to understand what you hope to be doing, the business plan is essential for your own use. It is about the process of developing the business plan; the process helps you to focus on exactly what you are trying to achieve. It will give you a lot more clear vision of the entire structure of your business as you develop your business plan through detailed research and planning.

A business plan consists of the following parts:

Executive Summary

Briefly describes the business concept Highlights the important financial points of the business such as sales, profits, cash flows, ROI Clearly states the capital needed to start the business and to expand States legal information about the business, the owners and key personnel.

Business Description

Describes the business structure on how it operates / profits Describes the nature of industry in which the business plans to operate Identifies the business’ current position and future possibilities

Market Strategies

Defines the target market Defines the strategies the business plans to use in order to tap into the target market Describes the pricing of products or services with respect to the demand of the target market

Competitive Analysis

Describes the competitors in your target market and how you plan to obtain your share of the market Analyzes your competitors in the following categories: product, distribution, pricing, promotion, and advertising.

Design and Development Plan

Describes the steps the business will take to carry out its plan with scheduling and cost analysis. Identifies the risks during the development period

Operations and Management Plan

Describes the strategies the business will implement in order to operate and grow effectively

Financial Statements

Defines all the financial aspects of a business.

By: Aaron Lee

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Aaron Lee
Business Growth Strategist
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