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Business Success: Luck or Hard Work?

A very large percentage of businesses fail within a few years of opening. A lot of websites on the internet have been abandoned and can be considered failures. When people fail at things the first thing the look at is how hard they worked. If someone fails at something when they give maximum effort they may be puzzled as to why things did not go the way they would have liked. The thing that many people do not realize is that hard work does not always pay off, although it is still very important in business.

Hard work along with luck and execution are the most important factors to running a successful business. You can work very hard but if you don’t execute correctly it does not matter. If you do not have plans and backup plan it also will not matter. As far as luck goes people are very lucky in many different ways. Maybe one business owner needs a loan to stay in business but cannot get one but he has a rich uncle he can turn to. Maybe a person gets lucky and runs into Donald Trump at a hotel and tells him about an idea he has and Trump wants to help.

Overall business is not just about hard work. You have to work hard to execute the operations of a business in a productive manner and get luck with things like financing and unexpected mention in the press and things of that nature.

By: Andre Bias

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Andre Bias is a webmaster and is the owner of [http://www.enlargementdeals.com], http://www.goodbyeacne.net, and [http://www.inkjetdealz.com].


Free Government Business Loans

For plenty of good reason, you can obtain free government business loans. Whether it is to start your new business or help finance the growth of your current business government grant money can be made available to you.

Government business loans are offered at both the municipal and state levels, and there are hundreds of programs to choose from. Some are broad in nature, where others are more specific to your purpose. For example, you may be able to secure $50,000 to help finance commercial real estate, or you could receive a grant because you are building a business that focuses on experimenting with green technology. Whatever the purpose and direction you want to take your business, there is likely multiple grant programs suitable for you.

If you’re wondering how it could be possible that the government is giving away money, just look at the bailout program. Our economy has a vested interest in the success of businesses, and small businesses are what fuel the nations growth. Your business creates jobs, increases competition, which all puts money back into the economy.

With the amount of risk that entrepreneurs already have to take by starting their new business, and the financial pressures to meet payroll, purchase franchise licenses, and purchase furniture, there are many challenges a business owner faces. It is the government’s responsibility and best interest to make it possible for small businesses to develop and grow. One way the state, local and municipal government can make it easier for people to take a chance and want to start a business is to help out financially, which is where the government business loans come in.

Since you never have to repay government business loans, they should be a serious option when considering your financial options.

By: Austin Warty

About the Author:

To search the $30 billion in government business loans that are available for your business, simply accesses the government grant database by going to http://www.govfunds.info


How a Business Coach Can Help you Set Up your Business So you Can Let Go and Stay in Control

As a business coach I often observe that the challenge with growing a business for most business owners is that they can be scared of ‘letting go’.

You see, most business owners start off in their business doing everything… and as the business grows they try and take on more and more to keep ‘in control’.

Yet the time comes in the growth of the business where they HAVE to let go…

They can’t physically keep up!

Sometimes the business owner does their best to keep up. They work more, longer and harder but despite all of their efforts the business starts to ‘stagnate’.

And the owner becomes tired.

There are no more hours in the day.

They begin to realize that they can’t possibly keep their fingers in ‘all the pies’.

They have to let go.

Now most business owners are proud of the fact that they ‘know what’s going on’ in every area of their business…

And some dread losing this ‘contact’ or ‘control’

You see by being ‘in’ the business the business owner gets a feel for how the business is traveling.

If they keep on the ‘floor’ they can see customers coming in, what stock is selling, what stock is being delivered.

Now the big step (for them) is moving away from being involved to overseeing. Because they are scared that they’ll lose the ‘feel’ of the business.

And it’s at this point that some business owners panic.

What’s the answer?

The best business owners learn how to keep a ‘feel’ of their business without having to be there.

How can they do that, you may ask, if they’re not involved every day?

How can the best business owners know if it’s busy?

How can they know what stock is needed?

How can they know if customers aren’t happy?

How can they know which staff are being productive and which ones aren’t?

How can they keep their eye on the registers and the petty cash?

How can they do all this?

They can do it by setting up and monitoring their measuring and reporting systems.

I call them ‘dashboards’ or ‘scoreboards’.

You see the best business owners set up ‘dashboards’ so that they can ‘see’ how their business is going.

It’s like a dashboard in a car, or a cockpit of an airplane.

When you’re driving you don’t need to put your head out the window to ‘feel’ how fast you’re traveling. You just look at your speedo.

And you don’t need to look in your petrol tank to see how much petrol you have used. You just look at your fuel indicator on your dashboard.

If you set up Key Performance indicators in your business you can see how different areas of your business are performing.

All the best businesses do it. And you should too.

And you should start now… before you put on more people…

I get all my clients to start measuring critical areas of their business. And there’s a certain process to do it, and a certain way to measure it so that it works.

And when you get it working it can help liberate you from your business.

When you have your own ‘dashboard’ or ‘scoreboard’ you will need to look at some key things daily, whilst others are better to look at weekly, monthly and even quarterly…

And when you have them you can step out of your business. Because the ‘dashboard’ will tell you what’s going on when you’re not there.

It’s magic.

Even if you’re not in the business you’ll be able to gauge how things are going and how your people are going. Who’s doing things and who’s not… so you can step in and take action to improve the situation immediately.

With the right systems, people and training like I have outlined, works like a charm and it’s one of the most powerful things that you can do to take your business into the multi-millions of turnover.

I use these with my clients with extraordinary success.

We look at them every week to assess how the business, and how the team in the business are performing and based on the accurate and timely information take action to correct anything that ‘off-track’ and caress anything that is on track.

For example.

One of my client’s critical areas dropped from 37% to 22% then 21%. Now to you that may just be a percentage figure but to the business owner and I it meant we were losing $2,000 profit per week every week that it stayed at the new lower level. That’s $100,000 profit in a year.

So we jumped into action. After a certain process that I stepped him through we drove it back up to 44% and kept it there. That one thing alone made him tens of thousands of dollars in just a matter of weeks let alone what it made him over a year.

Another step that I take my clients through is setting up their ‘dashboard’ whilst they are still ‘involved’ in the business then the next step is to send the ‘dashboard’ to their home for them to look at in their own time

This steps them from having a ‘feel’ of the business to looking at the ‘dashboard’ so that they can transfer their ‘feel’ of the business into assessing the numbers that are on their ‘dashboard’.

As we step through that we determine ‘standards’ that each of the critical areas should be reaching each day, week, month for the business to be dong ‘nicely’.

Then armed with the standards and the dashboard the business owner can comfortably step out knowing what the dashboard has to show for him/her to stay in control of the business.

We then work on getting the business owner out of the day to day running of the business. For example if the owner is working 5 days in the business… the first step is to move him to 4 days in, and one day out. Then 3 days in, 2 days out… then 2 days in 3 days out and so it goes until the owner is able to choose their work hours because the business runs without them having to be there.

Then when you choose to come into the business you can do the work you want to do, and focus on the building your team to run your business for you.

Remember when your business is working it means that you don’t have to.

Your life may never be the same.

Join me when the timing is right for you and together we can grow your business and help you ‘let go’ of your business and stay in control.

Set up your business so you can let go and stay in control.

Copyright © 2006 by Casey Gollan. All Rights Reserved

Business Coach, Mentor And Growth Specialist

Casey Gollan, Business Coach, Mentor And Growth Specialist. Grows $1 Million p.a. Small Businesses Into $2 to $5 Million p.a. Businesses Over a 2 to 3 Year Period.

By: Casey Gollan

About the Author:

Business Coach, Mentor And Growth Specialist
Casey Gollan, Business Coach, Mentor And Growth Specialist. Grows $1 Million p.a. Small Businesses Into $2 to $5 Million p.a. Businesses Over a 2 to 3 Year Period.


Become a Better Business Person

Let me ask you this… What makes a successful business owner?

Well for me, a successful business owner is someone that earns well into six figures or more each year from their business, working around 3 to 4 days (or less) per week.

I call this ‘successful’ because if they can make a few hundred thousand a year from their business, and only work a few days per week they have to have a lot of great things in place…

Not just in their business but in their personal life.

It tells me that in their business they have fabulous systems and staff members that are willing and able to work even when the owner isn’t there.

And the business would have great information systems so that the business owner would know everything that’s going on (even though they’re not there) so they can still ‘control’ the business.

They’d have excellent marketing and sales systems that day in day out draw in ‘ideal’ customers that willingly buy from the business, at full price.

Plus because of the level of service and quality in the business the customers are loyal and enthusiastically refer other people to the business.

The business owner would also have a high level of trust in their staff to run the business which shows me a couple of things.

Number 1, they’d have excellent staff recruitment and training programs to build their staff into competent team members.

And Number 2 They’d have a high level emotional maturity to allow this to happen.

In their personal life, I’d consider these business owners successful because they would have enough free time during the week to spend on their own doing exercise or their favourite hobbies.

This recharges their ‘batteries’ and keeps them fresh. Thus they always seem to be ‘on-the-ball’.

Plus, they spend good quality time with their partner at home and their family.

And that’s crucial.

Just ask anyone whose business has caused a marriage break up, and/or illness through stress.

You see, growing a business that overtakes your life is very, very easy. Most business owners achieve this within the first couple of weeks of starting!

Growing a business that also enhances your lifestyle is a lot more difficult.

But it is possible.

And that’s what I do with the business owners I work with.

We create profitable business growth that enhance their lifestyles

For me it’s about Business and Life Harmony.

So what’s the underlying secret to achieving it?

Commit to becoming a better business person.

Every successful business owner will tell you this…

It’s not one single thing that will make the difference to your business growth.

It’s a lot of things.

You see most business owners are waiting for the ‘one big’ order or the ‘one great year’ or the ‘one great staff member’ that will make all the difference.

The successful business owners know differently.

The successful business owners know that to have an extraordinary business they must be an extraordinary business person.

They know that if they want to grow to $2 Million… they have to learn how to become a $2 Million business owner. And this requires improving their business skills.

There are many skills to learn.

You’ve got to know how to make the product or deliver the service.

You’ve got to know how to market your business

How to sell, how to find suppliers, how to negotiate, how to hire people, how to train people, how to read and understand financial statements the list goes on and on.

Yet it can be, and is simple… when you learn how to do it simply.

And that’s my role with you.

You see as a business coach my skill is making your business growth predictable, controllable and a hell of a lot easier.

All of my clients will tell you that.

So back to you.

If you want to grow your business you may realize that you need to learn some new information and skills.

And that’s what Super successful business owners have done before you.

They realize that to really grow their business they MUST become a better business person.

Most ‘unsuccessful’ business owners believe that the way to grow their business is by making a better product, or providing a better service.

They feel that if they have the ‘best’ product the market will come to them.

Well the product or service is only one part of your business. It’s not enough.

Super successful business owners initially build their business on a good product or service. Then when it comes time to grow… they focus on areas that will grow their business.

Super successful business owners focus on areas that most unsuccessful business owner’s neglect or are too busy to focus on.

Areas like…

– Creating Vision, Mission and Values Statements

– Marketing

– Sales

– Customer Care

– Operations

– People

– Team building

– Financial statement

– Financial analysis

– Taxation

– Law

– Technology

– Key Performance Indicators

– Business/life balance

-And building their wealth through

All of these areas sound separate yet they are extremely interconnected and dependant on each other. And as we travel through each session you’ll hear how each topic is linked to, and how much each topic relies on the other topics for its success.

That’s what makes a great business person using all the areas.

It may seem like a long list. If it does or doesn’t don’t worry. It’s a list that I’m absolutely passionate about helping you with.

Because that’s the first step to growing your business.

Become a better business person by working on your business, rather than just working in it.

It’s what I do with clients that I work with one-on-one over a couple of years in my Business Coaching Program.

Copyright © 2006 by Casey Gollan. All Rights Reserved

By: Casey Gollan

About the Author:

Business Coach, Mentor And Growth Specialist
Casey Gollan, Business Coach, Mentor And Growth Specialist. Grows $1 Million p.a. Small Businesses Into $2 to $5 Million p.a. Businesses Over a 2 to 3 Year Period.