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Business Success: Luck or Hard Work?

A very large percentage of businesses fail within a few years of opening. A lot of websites on the internet have been abandoned and can be considered failures. When people fail at things the first thing the look at is how hard they worked. If someone fails at something when they give maximum effort they may be puzzled as to why things did not go the way they would have liked. The thing that many people do not realize is that hard work does not always pay off, although it is still very important in business.

Hard work along with luck and execution are the most important factors to running a successful business. You can work very hard but if you don’t execute correctly it does not matter. If you do not have plans and backup plan it also will not matter. As far as luck goes people are very lucky in many different ways. Maybe one business owner needs a loan to stay in business but cannot get one but he has a rich uncle he can turn to. Maybe a person gets lucky and runs into Donald Trump at a hotel and tells him about an idea he has and Trump wants to help.

Overall business is not just about hard work. You have to work hard to execute the operations of a business in a productive manner and get luck with things like financing and unexpected mention in the press and things of that nature.

By: Andre Bias

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